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Modern paintings – give your room an artistic touch

In a world where the art is getting less and less attention to selling modern paintings can be a real challenge for an artist. It is a matter of course for modern painters today that they try to sell their paintings after the completion of their paintings. But God knows …

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3 Artistic devices for contemporary films and films

In contrast to written texts, films generally use three common types of artistic devices. These devices, though once described, may not be readily apparent to a young observer. Educators can help students identify these devices, define their characteristics, and understand how they relate to the film or film. The repetition …

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Protect your artistic work – apply now for copyright registration

Introduction: For original works of art, literature, books, music, films, CDs and computer programs a copyright registration can be requested. Copyright provides certain minimum copyright protections on their works, which protects and rewards creativity. Creativity is the cornerstone of progress, and no civilized society can afford to ignore the basic …

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Artistic value in video games

I have wanted to talk about it for some time but could not find words to clarify my point of view. Over the years, I have seen articles and news about how school shootings and violent children are caused by violent video games. No concrete evidence or research, but I …

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