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Science and Art: Their striking differences and similarities

Science and art are two major disciplines in the academic arena. Many scholars were cared for by them. However, many scientists wonder if these two disciplines are the same or have striking similarities. Of course, the variance in their identity as science and art clearly shows their demarcation. Their differences …

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Ancient egyptian art paintings: The foundation of modern painting

The ancient Egyptian art paintings embody the embodiment of modern painting, though the latter is refined by the advances of human knowledge, technology, and discovery. However, the roots of the success of modern painting are the modest beginnings of the profession by the ancient Egyptian masters in painting. From the …

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Artist to engineer or is it art to artistic talent?

Why do some children grow up and want to become engineers? Some kids ended up in the technical department because they were good at math and science, while the other kids were not. Some children are pouring into engineering and fighting the difficult mathematics of the academic world – these …

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Disciplines of the artistic pool and trick-shot competition

Random trick-shot artists often have some awesome trick shots in stock. With a cue and maybe a few props, he or she can force the billiard balls to move in seemingly physics-distant motions. Professional trick-shot artists or artistic pool players, however, do more than just a few setup and skill …

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A critical overview of visual elements for artistic creation

Design elements are the basic elements of a work of art such as painting, drawing or any other visual piece. They are the ingredients that make up every artistic work. The design elements used in art include point, line, shape, plane, color, space, texture, weight and value. They are line, …

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