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Andrew Logan an artistic adventure

Andrew Logan An artistic adventure is a beautifully produced art book filled with full-page color photographs of Andrew Logan's international life and work. (I resisted the temptation to pull the photos out of the book, frame them and hang them on my walls!). Philip Hughes, director of the Ruthin Craft Center, the publisher of the book, wrote the glowing light forward. Famous art critic Lady Marina Vaizey wrote the introduction, and the awesome text is by Fennah Podschies.

Andrew Logan, who studied at the Oxford School of Architecture in the early sixties, deserves the awe. He is an iconoclastic artist who deals extensively with a wide range of "Art Media". including sculpture, portrait and jewelry since the early seventies.

& # 39; Everything is supposed to be for him. He caught a dream from the air, his cloud-shrouded towers and magnificent palaces are built with everything that you and I threw away … He should be the most revered artist who made no distinction between his life and his art an apt description of the late Derek Jarman, a friend and associate who once lived in a studio above Andrew's old house in Butlers Wharf before his building burned down in 1979.

Over the years, Andrew has worked with global artists such as Brian Eno, and his list of admiring patrons reads like a list of Who's Who. The late Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother Bono, Julie Christie and Anita Pallenberg are just some of his supporters. Andrew Logan's works have been exhibited around the world, including the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, the Flower East Gallery in London, the Victoria & Art Museum, the Hayward Gallery, Bonhams, the National Portrait Gallery and Sotheby in London, the Royal Academy of Arts and the Somerset House.

Andrew is also famous for his alternative Miss World contests, which he has been hosting since 1972.

He describes it as "a surreal art event for the whole family".

Some of the best known names in fashion, art and media have participated, either as candidates or as judges. David Hockney was a judge more than once.

& # 39; The Art of Constants & # 39; and the audience costumes was wide-ranging and often amazing, and some have since become famous and notorious. the chronichler of the book specified.

His first contest took place in one of his former London studios, a converted puzzle factory on Hackney's Downham Road, where he played hostess as well as hostess. Since then, there have been eleven alternative Miss World contests, the fourth of which was held in 1978 in a tent on Clapham Common. The late actor Divine was one of the presenters, and the judges, including Lionel Bart and Joan Bakewell, were detained in a jail cage.

"The Orthodox world in which I live threatens the free spirits who, on these occasions, romp with exuberance and joy to outrage a million matrons.It is like walking between a gallery of brilliant art objects – everyone enjoys everyone – Andrew Logan – creator, wizard, puppet master, promoter of choice – remembers Bakewell.

The resulting film Alternative Miss World, directed by Richard Gayer, premiered at Odeon Leicester Square and at Cannes. It was also notorious for receiving a preliminary injunction from the organizers of the annual Miss World beauty contest. The case was brought to court by Judge Lord Denning, who said that nobody could confuse the two events. The lawyer in the case was Tony Blair, who later became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!

The chapters of the book are dedicated to Logan's existence as an eccentric and original artist. The events of Alternative Miss World, as well as his famous portrait, are photographically detailed by icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, his close friend, Zandra Rhodes and Maria Callas. His unique glass jewelry, often adorned with motifs pasted on inappropriate items, was described by George Melly as "The Faberge of the Eighties".

The mirror of the universe has been my life for thirty years. It has energy like no other material. The modest grain of sand transforms into glamorous glass, Andrew explains his passion for working with glass.

Andrew Logan works as a sculptor as well as a master of ceremonies in a world of artistic adventure. In this constructed universe, as in Lewis Carroll's alternative, the unexpected big meets the infinitely small, and the lifting of the faith is rewarded with extraordinary surprises.

At the end of the book are several pages of dedications to Andrew's large circle of fascinating friends titled "Gods and Goddesses," most of which have circulated in orbit for years.

Be amazed by the sensational color photos of his unique jewelry and his life-size sculptures, some of which are on display in his extraordinary home, The Glasshouse, designed by Michael Davis, his partner. One of Andrews most famous sculptures is Pegasus: A Memorial of Hope (1980 with subsequent interpretations and editions until 2008). As a child at the age of 11, he first had the idea of ​​Pegasus, which led years later to the creation of this sculpture series. Owned by Greek and Roman myths, his imagination was inspired by the winged white horse leaping out of the severed neck of the Gorgons and killed by Hero Perseus. & # 39; Wings have remained a theme in Andrew's work, which manifests itself for the first time in early sculptures in broken bird mirrors. Andrew Logan has often said that during the creation process he felt a tool, that Pegasus symbolized a bridge between the physical and the spiritual dimensions, and that the winged horse and its message belonged to the hope of the world. # 39; In fact, Pegasus: A Memorial to Hope was the first sculpture Andrew Logan made after the fire at Butler's Wharf Studio. Since then, he has created a new Pegasus every decade.

Although you can get the full effect of Andrew Logan An Artistic Adventure without reading the words, the text plays a crucial role in understanding Andrew's work and life. But it is the exquisite photographs that really help this glossy art book become the definitive representative of England's most individual and eccentric artists. He is such a prolific creator, I'm sure this interesting book will be the first of his many retrospectives.

Copyright: Frances Lynn, 2008

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