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Artist to engineer or is it art to artistic talent?

Why do some children grow up and want to become engineers? Some kids ended up in the technical department because they were good at math and science, while the other kids were not. Some children are pouring into engineering and fighting the difficult mathematics of the academic world – these children have probably started making sketches and sketches and creating new ideas and innovations, perhaps the drawings. Is it possible that someone can be very creative, but also think logically how engineers should be?

In fact, that's probably a rare person. Still, it's amazing how many engineers have hobbies in the arts. Some engineers meet with their friends and play musical instruments or join a band. Others love architectural models, HO model trains, others like to build model airplanes and fly them with the remote control. Still others are designers and incidentally create renderings, drawings and even works of art.

In the February issue of the American Scientist, an interesting article titled; "Engineering in the Abstract – How Manier Dawson made the transition from the drawing table to the easel," which highlights some decent points. Let's first look at Leonardo da Vinci as an engineer and artist who was talented and competent in both areas – unbelievable. They say that the ability to replicate a thought on a 2D level is something that only brains with a higher intellect can do. I agree.

In fact, I would say it's a special kind of mind that is able to do both very well. Many people who are really good at drawings, innovations, and new concepts are very good at construction, and if you build something of what they create on paper or through modeling, it could never survive in the real world, all With today's materials, engineering is impossible. But what happens if all this changes when we use graphene and carbon nanotube materials?

Will there be more artist engineers at this time, how will more things be possible? Or when more things are possible and manifest in our society; Will more engineers become artists? Does anyone really need to be bipolar to do both, or can some heads either / or train at will? These are all very reasonable questions, and when we look at the examples in our society, we can better understand how special these people are with this kind of brain that can do both. Please think about it.

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