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Artistic talent shines in Southwest Sydney's program of talented and talented visual arts

Distress and trauma found no place to feed and consume children's lives. I have had the privilege of meeting in the gifted and talented visual arts program. Her inspirational teacher, Mr. Ian Hale, accompanied the students to a demonstration of their work and gave me the following information.

National and international companies have commissioned works of art from these gifted and talented children. The most expensive piece came in at $ 10,000 and hangs in the lobby at Castlereagh St. Sydney, 175, in a central office. The total value of art sold in 2009 was $ 40,000 used by the Student Enterprise Group to finance the expansion program.

* CEOs have commissioned works that include paintings of their homes, offices or landscapes.

* Two students were selected to hang their work in the NSW Art Gallery

* Two students have registered for the Archibald Prize

* Students selected to show their work in an international student exhibition in Nagoya

* The student has been selected to include his artwork in the calendar of the Ministry of Education for Cultural Diversity 2009

All of these children have been selected to participate in Fairfield High's gifted and talented visual arts elementary program. You can then move on to the Primary School Extension Program. Once in high school, the extension program will continue.

The primary school project is funded by the South Western Sydney region, but all expansion programs are funded by the Student Enterprise Group.

One student spent ten years in a refugee camp where both parents died. He has experienced war and loss, and although the last three years have been spent happily with his adoptive parents in Australia, he has been separated from his surviving siblings. He was not yet in rural Australia and yet landscapes are his preferred means of expression. Movies, books and photos are all the young man needs to inspire his talents and enrich his concept of Australia. Drawing and sketching were imprisoned a means of escape and proved to be an enriching experience that gave him pleasure. It is impossible to appreciate the value that art has drawn from making this young man a balanced and happy person. He was really a joy and has influenced everything positively. This was confirmed by his colleagues and teachers.

The sweetness of a charming eleven-year-old girl was reflected in the use of softness and light in her painting. She spoke to the viewer through her tenderness. Her work was captivating, revealing none of the nightmares her family had experienced.

Another 11-year-old sees the world in his fashion and is not afraid to think outside the field. The use of acrylics and layers of paint in his impression of the Sydney Harbor Bridge was not unlike the style of the well-known artist Martin Sharpe.

A fourteen-year-old girl is still painting with oil and a finger. This talented young lady, who enjoyed shading colors by hand, continues this style of painting. It was impossible to say that the sailboat, which disappeared on a misty morning, had been executed this way. It was also impossible to see that she had been born in a war-torn country and had known fear and anxiety.

People of all ages deal differently with grief. A fourteen-year-old girl was one of three Vietnam-born sisters. Her work pays homage to her half-sister who stays there, as well as to the memory of her other sister, who has starved to death. She intends that you & # 39; Letter & # 39; Art brings all the passion and excitement of good news and hope, while still serving as a fitting homage to her lost sister.

20% of all NSW state school children live in the South Western Sydney region. It has the third largest youth population in NSW and one third of the youth is unemployed. It is wonderful that 2000 children participated in this great program. What will the final harvest bring? In the group of students I talked to, some said they wanted to pursue art as a career, while others were uncertain about their career choices, but very sure that art is always an outlet for emotion and a satisfying hobby.

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