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Artistic value in video games

I have wanted to talk about it for some time but could not find words to clarify my point of view. Over the years, I have seen articles and news about how school shootings and violent children are caused by violent video games. No concrete evidence or research, but I can not bother about it. They say that they are just child's play, reject it and say that playing does not bring anything positive. People of every generation blame themselves for the bad behavior of children. People accuse books, art, movies, music and at the moment video games are in vogue. All media and art forms go through this before they become known for the value they give to society. In games, you can experience the creativity that comes from all forms of art. You are the one who drives the story that could have been read from one side, you make the decisions that the actor should make, you experience the scenery that can be viewed from a painting, and you are the one who Experienced the music that does this is created for the game. All of these kinds of art are brought together to make an experience that, if done right, can last forever with people.

I remember playing a game called Fallout 3 and had a choice. I could disarm a city bomb for a coin or blow up the bomb with the city to get more coin. Since I made the decision last time to save the city, I decided to see how the game would change if I blew up the bomb. After the explosion, I checked again where the city was. There was one survivor. She had no idea that I had blown up the city and she was still happy, only thankful that I came out in time. Now I know she just survived because she quests in the game, but that moment stayed with me. This lonely girl who had been physically altered by the explosion and the radiation. I've never had so much regret before that moment. I wanted to return to a previous save, but could not. I just sat there for a while, staring at the screen to see what my actions were doing, and in that one moment I played more than one game. I have experienced something different. Something I had never experienced before. Games can be more than just a breeze or a pastime. It can express creativity and emotions like any other great work of art.

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