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How to be artistically successful

Are you that way with your artistic endeavors? Can you concentrate on what you create without paying attention to everything else? Do you say "no"? to anything that would keep you from completing, enjoying, or fully enjoying it?

If you are like many artisans, you often do not stay focused on one thing until it's done. In fact, sometimes it is almost impossible for the artistic brain to stay focused. There are so many other delicious distractions – enjoying things, learning or creating more things.

I can refer to that completely. I too have to constantly remember what to finish. This concept, which I introduce to my clients, has occurred to me recently in the development and promotion of the Artist Dream Forum.

The idea of ​​bringing together a community of artists to share, learn and grow together came months ago. It was fun to think of all the artists or professionals in the field who could be called on a monthly basis to help, thrive, and fully create all of us. It was exciting to think about how we can all fly in the areas where we are supposed to fly. When the idea leaked and then became reality, it was a pleasure to write down the ideas and talk about the concept. My support network encouraged me to do this.

The thing is, when I went into the details of what would be needed to make it happen, I suddenly found my creative spark and juices started to dry. Suddenly the idea was exhausted and no longer funny! All these steps to the finish line were daunting. And of course, like many of you, I began to hesitate and put it aside. Suddenly I was more interested in something else. Certainly the new would be the perfect thing to focus on, and certainly MUST be easier to complete!

Fortunately, I have the advantage of talking to artists and entrepreneurs about this topic every day. When I instructed my clients to stay the course, stay focused, and finish what they had started, I also heard that for myself. Since these very words would come out of my mouth, I would think for myself … " Hmmm, am I doing this for my own creative projects? "This question helped me to stick to it and get it done (and to make it clear that I can get help with all these details).

What about you? Are you staying on the course?

Peter Sanderson recently shared with me as we developed his theme for the Artists' Forum. " What does it really mean to be an artist? "That it is crucial for an artist to focus on one thing and do it well until it has a complete success." Peter has many possibilities that he can express in his art, but he has his energy Talent and its creative process focused on one thing … MASKS.

With these instructions from Peter you should consider three things to help you succeed in your artistic endeavors.

1. Stick to one thing. Stop jumping from one thing to another in the hope that one of these things will miraculously produce the desired result. This result can be celebrity. It could be prosperity. It could be easy to sell this one piece. Whatever, the desired result, you have to stick to it until you get those results.

I know that's a challenge and I can hear the rumbling of disagreements … " But Joan, I'm creative and have so much talent in many areas. I can not just stick to one thing when so many things come to fruition! "I hear you, and I do not disagree, I suggest you stay with one thing until it's done, otherwise it will NOT be one of them.

2. Focus, focus, focus. This goes along with # 1. Once you have decided what you want to do, create or develop, you have to focus on it with intent. Do you remember the dog with the bone? You must not give up until it's done. Do you have to do everything at once? Of course not. You may have to bury it for a short time until you come back to it. However, it MUST have priority until it is finished

When you do other things, this is a sign of avoidance. Notice the signs … delay, distraction from other things, or a sudden interest in another class, modality, artistic approach, or creative pursuit. That's just your inconvenience, and it's important to breathe and focus on one thing.

3. Let go of perfection. This is one that we all seem to have in some form. I know, it's a big deal for me. Often the reason you give up a project or artwork is because you can not make it perfect

A customer of mine did just that. She had a beautiful piece, with hands, feet, and face made of porcelain and the rest of the body made of cloth. The piece ended with mistakes – a crack in the wrist was one. At that moment, she stopped working on it. And so this beautiful piece remained hidden for months and months, unfinished and unnoticed. Perfection has prevented this pretty gem from being shared with the world.

We have to let go of perfection. It will stop you every time before you even begin. Perfection will convince you that "you are not good enough, so why should you even try it?"

This quote says it so well … " It's not annoying to be where you are. It's just irritating to think you would like to be somewhere else! "(John Cage) We always think it's better somewhere else, a different approach or someone else, just focus on it, concentrate, focus, and you'll be so much happier if not happier." # 39; s made like this.

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