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The challenge of writing an artistic statement that is both artistic and profound but makes sense

When I look at the experiences of other artists with their creativity, which are defined in their "Artist's Statements" from pen to paper, I often think, "This reminds me of the man who tries to define God by Creativity in a box. " Often I ask myself, "What the hell are you talking about? I wonder if they even know."

I met all kinds of artists. I always hope that I can share some kind of phenomenon with other artists, a unique vibration that we both create and feed on. I hope that our connection will make us reach new heights and feel compelled to go home and do great things. I rarely meet such artists, they are as different as anyone else.

I really think that it is a & # 39; Energy & # 39; in the art, in the colors and in the energy of a work of art with which people resonate or not. Some just like my precise works of art that I believe are renderings and, in my opinion, not "true art". It tells me that we are not in one & # 39; spiritual & # 39; Sense. We connect on other levels, so consequences of this kind of thinking are not something to think about. On the other hand, my opinion is offensive or objectionable.

I think many art talks. is mumbo jumbo and as redundant and boring as the newest footballer who explains how his team will win the next game. But I also think that the artist has to describe the connection he feels with his art. This helps the viewer to enter his world and the artist to understand what the hell happened. to make them create what they did.

Creativity is elusive, but the more we step in, the more we find ourselves in the presence of something truly remarkable. I think the vibration of colors, coupled with the spirit of the dance of creative action, can be found in all kinds of art, and nobody has the market for it. From time to time, we come across a genius like Leonardo da Vinci and are not astonished. Because of the miraculous adventures of the soul in every genre, it is our responsibility to pursue the unknown. Leonardo da Vinci just scratched the surface. Tracing the vibrations of the fugitive is often a sole experience. It is in this & # 39; Prayer & # 39; by the way that mystics are revealed. However, there are many ways to do this because there are religions as well. So I do not think anyone has the key to all this.

So, how do you do that? How do you write an "artist's statement" that makes sense? First, define who you are in your own mind in your work. If you do not know, you can not write anything that others understand. Be careful with the hocus-pocus, but write down your heart when you look at your work. You may only discover a part of yourself that you have not met. Take your time, discover who you are. Remember da Vinci, nothing he did was done without extreme confrontation with what he wanted to explore, so laziness is unacceptable. Law? Yes!

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